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Stars: John Cabrera, Bill Clausen, William P. Wood

Netflix’s haunting new documentery Worst Roommate Ever 2022 chronicles four shocking true stories of seemingly harmless roommates who become real-life nightmares for their unsuspecting victims.

Produced by Blumhouse Television tv series, the five-part series features the crimes of cold-blooded serial killers and cunning con men, including the case of Dorothea Puente, an elderly woman who was convicted of murdering her tenants. It also details the story of Jamison Bachman, a serial killer who ended up killing his own brother.

We listen to a recording of a police interrogation from 1988 in Sacramento. The woman interviewed insists that the bodies that were buried in her patio were not murdered. Worst Roommate Ever is a docuseries that takes a look at various horrible roommates, from murderers and other violent criminals to squatters who find every excuse to stay and wreak havoc.

The first episode is about Dorothea Puente, a Sacramento woman who seems like a kind grandmother, but turns out to be a serial killer. Through interviews, news footage and animated re-enactments, we hear about Puente’s childhood and her criminal exploits over the decades, starting with writing bad checks when she was 19.

The unifying thread of the story is how Judy, a social worker who worked for the Volunteers of America, wanted to get a homeless man named Bert Montoya a stable place to live. Despite some serious mental health issues, she felt that Bert would be better off in a home setting, rather than a shelter or even a halfway house. She felt moving him in with Puente was the right move, as she ran a boarding house and had other boarders like Bert.

But when Amy didn’t hear from Bert for a few weeks, she called Puente, who told her that Bert had gone on a trip with her son. Because that made no sense, Amy eventually reported Bert missing. Due to her prior history of knocking victims to sleep with paralyzing drugs, she alerted the investigating officer to ask Puente to search her home where she found several pills. That led him to ask if she could dig in her garden. When she gave permission, that’s when the shocking discoveries began. In all, seven bodies were found, including Montoya’s.

Nothing we saw during the first episode of Worst Roommate Ever 2022 makes it particularly distinctive from other true crime docuseries. Since three of the four stories are one-off deals, director Domini Hofmann wastes no time in providing much background.

There is a brief introduction to the growth of Sacramento in the 1980s, which coincided with its increasing difficulty managing its homeless population, and there is some biographical background on Puente. But for the most part, the content is about the case, which is a welcome relief from the more padded, single-issue true-crime docuseries we’ve seen of late.

Are we fans of animated recreations? Not really, but they’re relatively uneventful, and we give credit to Hofmann and the producers for not doing flashier forms of recreations to fill in some of the details.

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