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Villains of Valley View 2022 Tv Show Review Trailer Online

Stars: Patricia Belcher, Isabella Pappas, Malachi Barton

It should come as no surprise that villains are all the rage. From Disney Channel’s popular Descendents franchise about the children of classic Disney villains to Warner Bros. and Sony betting on indie DC movies and Marvel baddies, there’s never been a better time to be bad. That trend hits the Disney Channel on Friday, June 3 with the cable channel’s latest sitcom, The Villains of Valley View 2022.

A new family has just moved to Valley View, a happy little village in Texas. But this is no ordinary family, this is a group of super villains who went into hiding after their eldest daughter, Havoc, got them into trouble with the League of Villains. Trying to blend in with the happy community of Valley View won’t be an easy task for this nefarious family, but with so many good-natured residents, the cheerful community might rub off on them.

The show is certainly an ensemble piece, but the heart of the double-episode premiere places Havoc (Isabella Pappas) in what looks like a lead role. Under the alias of Amy, Havoc inadvertently makes a friend in Hartley (Kayden Muller-Janssen), whose bubbly exuberance begins to chip away at Havoc’s frowning veneer. The two actresses create a fun dynamic for viewers.


Created by the team behind Disney XD’s hit series Lab Rats (Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore), The Villains of Valley View establishes a formula that worked well for The Wizards of Waverly Place. Everyone in the family gets enough screen time to develop their own characters, which could even give them character-focused episodes that take the focus away from Havoc from time to time. The fact that the family has a secret that they can’t share with everyone they meet helps the series feel connected to Wizards, as does the fact that each member of the family has their own unique superpower.

Like many Disney Channel shows, The Villains of Valley View primarily seeks laughs through over-the-top physical comedy or outlandish characterizations. The stories offer enough for parents to watch the show with their kids, but most of the laughs will come exclusively from the show’s target audience. Nostalgically though, many of the visual gags reminded me of the ABC classic TGIF Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

The Disney Channel recently ended several series with a built-in audience, including Sydney to the Max and Gabby Duran and the Unsittables. With the launch of two new shows on June 3 (the other being Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion), the network is looking to bring back those viewers while also attracting a new audience. The Villains of Valley View is certainly cut from similar cloth to other previous network hits, but it also strives to be a bit more edgy. He would also feel at home on Nickelodeon.

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