Unhuman 2022

Unhuman 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Marcus Dunstan
Writers: Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton
Stars: Drew Scheid, Brianne Tju, Uriah Shelton

Unhuman 2022 is a new horror movie in the zombie niche. It also has comedy and plenty of action, both of which are classic elements in many horror movies. While she loses a lot of momentum in the middle, she bounces back impressively. Read our full Unhuman movie review here. UNHUMAN is a new horror film from Blumhouse Television and EPIX. It features teenage characters and a zombie story. The cast of this film works very well and we are off to a great start. Particularly thanks to the fact that it has heart as well as comedy.

Then the action begins and it becomes a survival story. With both the comedy and the action, we’re in familiar zombie movie territory. Think of Zombieland or Girl Scouts of the Zombie Apocalypse. It feels too long during the second act, but the final twist and story re-engage you as the viewer.

Unhuman combines a zombie horror splatter-fest with a teen coming-of-age comedy, roughly ten years after that concept had been all the rage. Although the 21st century began with an inspired resurgence of zombie movies ranging from 28 Days Later (2002) to Shaun of the Dead (2004), overexposure has led to the undead falling out of fashion in recent years. Somewhere between AMC’s The Walking Dead, currently in its final season after twelve years; the various spin-offs of the show with mixed results; and the countless other brain-eating shows and movies over the past twenty years, zombies have run their course. That didn’t stop director Marcus Dunstan (winner of Project Greenlight), along with his writing partner Patrick Melton, from delivering this fun combination. But if the setup sounds too much like the daughter of John Hughes and George A. Romero, the film is worth a casual watch thanks to some well-polished performances and a truly surprising plot twist. Without a doubt, Unhuman is proof that even the most used material can be effective with the right amount of genre subversion.

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The movie’s tagline (“The dead shall have this club for breakfast”) says it all. Located in a suburban community that might as well be Shermer, Illinois, the local school is populated by the usual assortment of jocks, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, and jerks. A cross-section of these cliques take an excursion that descends into conventional zombie mayhem. Our hero is Ever, played by Brianne Tju (I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon), a socially awkward teenager from a less fortunate home. Joined by her friend Tamra (Ali Gallo), Ever boards a bus with sports thugs (Uriah Shelton, C.J. LeBlanc) and loners Randal (Benjamin Wadsworth) and Steven (Drew Scheid), plus a representative of every social subgroup in between. Overseen by a belligerent teacher (Peter Giles), the journey embarks on a wild extra-credit expedition. But on the way, the bus hits something that splatters blood on the windshield and sends the driver swerving down a wooded hill.

Suddenly, an emergency broadcast directs people to the nearest fallout shelter due to a nationwide chemical attack. Cue the undead biker who bangs on the bus door. The teenagers panic and the zombie stays with some of them. The others run to a dilapidated old building for shelter. They all scream and yell, and one of them throws up on the camera lens. No stranger to gory effects for the sake of shock (see his 2009 article, The Collector), Dunstan adopts the abrasive comedic tone of The Return of the Living Dead (1985). Consequently, the performance becomes larger than life, both in its comedic delivery and screaming, and the visuals match the over-the-top tone. Cinematographer Lyn Moncrief employs jerky camera movements accompanied by hissing sounds. Editor Andrew Wesman uses battle-ready montages occasionally reminiscent of the work of Sam Raimi, plus a variety of split-screen effects, jittery cuts, and Snyder-esque slow-motion for emphasis, effective at heightening tension, less so at creating drama when a barely drawn character dies.

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