Two Tickets to Paradise 2022 Enteratinment Fun Online

Two Tickets to Paradise 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Dustin Rikert
Writers: Tracy Andreen, Kevin Taft
Stars: Ashley Williams, Ryan Paevey, Mary-Margaret Humes

Where better to get a second chance at love than at a beautiful resort? And who better to try to help two heartbroken people than someone who knew they had found love after just “one look”? That’s part of the story that Alice (Mary-Margaret Humes) shares in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the new Hallmark Channel movie, Two Tickets to Paradise 2022, which premieres June 25. Hannah (Ashley Williams) and Josh (Ryan Paevey) end up at the bar. Alice owns. “It’s a great place to get away from all the tourists and all those couples in love with the resort,” explains Alice.

“Love. I’m not sure I understand what that is anymore. Can either of you explain it to me? Because I think I’m lost,” admits Hannah. Watch the clip above to see what Josh and Alice have to say, and how love brought the latter to where he is.

In Two Tickets to Paradise, part of Hallmark’s annual “Summer Nights” programming event (and shot entirely on location on Oahu!), Hannah and Josh are strangers who meet on what feels like the worst day of their lives. : both have been left planted at the altar and sit next to each other in the park. After that meeting, each has the morale necessary to go on a honeymoon vacation anyway.

Shortly after embarking, they realize they have landed at the same honeymoon resort and continue to cross paths in tropical paradise. Alice, who lives on the island, is Josh’s friend and shares her wisdom with the heartbroken duo. Seeing the futility of fighting fate, Hannah and Josh eventually join forces and help each other learn to enjoy their vacation.

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