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Stars: Kenneth Trujillo, Donovin Miller, Brittany Ishibashi

You don’t have to watch The CW’s “Nancy Drew” to see “Tom Swift,” the network’s new series that is technically a spinoff. Although Tom made his debut in the second season of “Nancy Drew,” the show named after him has nothing to do with him and is the best. There’s really no need to overcomplicate things for Tom, who goes through so much in the pilot episode that there’s almost no room for nuance beyond the basics.

The series’ rush to create each moving piece begins instantly, with a voiceover wasting no time explaining Swift’s place in this world. “We are not obsessed; we’re obsessed with black people,” says Tom. “Oh, and billionaires.” Furthermore, “they are not Obamas” or “ball players”, but inventors about to go to Saturn. The non-return of this comment A voiceover is never the greatest sin a program has ever committed. himself or his audience to get Essentials for Moving Ahead Written by Melinda Tsou Taylor, Nougat Landau, and Cameron Johnson, the first episode is full of three-way moments like this that only serve to show the stress of the script working overtime to place as as much as possible in 42 minutes or less.

Tom Swift 2022 Tv Show

The only thing Tom didn’t tell us in that voiceover, actually, is that he’s gay, a fact that undermines his credibility as a scholar and leader with his stern father (Christopher B. Duncan), admit it or not. No. But it also sets Tom Swift apart, both in his world and in ours. Played by the magic of Richards, Tom is a brilliant gay black inventor who tends to declare himself the center of everyone’s being, belying his deep need to be loved, trusted and accepted. When the show leans into this personal conflict, allowing Richards to dig into his performance and his character, it works.

Aside from the flawed hero of his, Tom Swift suffers from a surprising lack of imagination given all the seemingly impressive innovations at the heart of Swift’s empire. Many royal inventions get lost in makeup terminology, as they try to convey Tom’s lovable, untouchable look, flaunting an intricate video about his shoes, telling her best friend Zinzi (“Riverdale” alum Ashley Murray) that she “has seen too many Hamlet TikToks”—Ends up feeling like, “How are you guys?” An unfortunate mix of flat directing and acting prevents most of the characters from feeling half-dimensional like Tom; The only thing that pops off the screen is your Siri-style AI assistant, voiced by the charismatic Levar Burton. Though the design and production belies the show’s seemingly meager budget, it’s hard to ultimately buy the Swifts’ incredible wealth and technological advancements with so many seams showing up.

The main caveat here is that with only one cycle running, it’s hard to say definitively whether or not “Tom Swift” had enough gas in the tank to power the entire series. So while this initial offering may not be compelling, it deserves a chance to bounce back from its shaky launch.

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