Through My Window Tv Show Review 2022 Cast Crew

Stars: Clara Galle, Julio Peña, Pilar Castro

Based on the book by Ariana Godoy, Through My Window romantic drama gives a complicated teenage love story a fair chance. What makes Through My Window watchable is its realistic narrative. It portrays the awkward and sexually charged romance between Raquel (Clara Galle) and Ares (Julio Peña) in all its human splendor and does so in a believable manner.

The messy feelings of the young teenage heart are not easy to explain, let alone capture. The strength of this Spanish film is that one can identify with it. Although they are neighbors, Raquel and Ares belong to two very different worlds. The first is a normal middle-class high school student who aspires to be a writer like her late father. The latter comes from the business family. Raquel has been in love with Ares for quite some time, going so far as to collect any information she can find about him. Ares is well aware of this crush and hacks into his Wi-Fi network as a ruse to strike up a conversation. The hacking of this Wi-Fi password is at the center of the storm of attraction that will follow between the two.

Through My Window, at its core, is based on a simple premise. Two teenagers fall very much in love. It starts off bordering on obsessive and becomes real very quickly after that. While one of them isn’t afraid to confront the full extent of his feelings, the other becomes cold and distant after physical intimacy (making it seem like the whole thing is nothing more than an affair).

Ares struggles to convince himself that Raquel is just one of his long list of conquests. When that fails, he tries to buy the family’s idea of ​​things from him; he is being groomed to take over the business with his brothers after studying at Stanford, there is no time to get involved in the messy business of love, etc. Her cold father doesn’t mince words when he tells Ares, “Sleep with as many women as you want, but don’t mess with her.”

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Ares is torn between his reputation as a happy-go-lucky teenage playboy and his undeniable affection for the girl next door. While Raquel documents her intermittent situation with Ares in a diary, creating an engaging narrative. And yet, in writing class, she never volunteers to read her work. Internally experienced fear and conflict form the crux of the story. Through My Window is charged with a lot of sexual tension, and the filmmakers do not hesitate to present their protagonists participating in graphic physical scenes.

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