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The Wrong Place 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Mike Burns
Writer: Bill Lawrence
Stars: Bruce Willis, Ashley Greene, Michael Sirow

An elite team of vigilantes plots to steal $14 billion in laundered money from a notorious mob boss. After being betrayed, they find refuge in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious family that harbors a disturbing secret. They discover that the man of the house is a creature of the dark and must fight to survive the night.

Written and directed by Justin Price WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME has every intention of delivering a fast-paced, action-packed vampire versus armed vigilante movie, unfortunately we end up with a narrative that tends to neglect the horror and focus more on the constant. fights between characters with which it is difficult to emphasize.

The story here follows a group of mercenaries whose bank heist goes awry, leading them to take refuge in a house that ends up filled with a greater mystery for them to try and survive. This follows a couple of stories we’ve seen before, the mercenaries or criminals in hiding is one that is always fun, see ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ for one of the best examples. Mixing that with a ‘Collection’ with its own twist on horrors gives us everything we need for this movie. Each scene seems to offer a new potential mystery of what is going on, leading to the big picture being revealed.

Add to that a throbbing score that quickly becomes grating, because it never gives the on-screen events time or space to breathe, and you’re left with a movie that could have been so much more were it not. no direction. It’s a shame, as when the occasional moments of horror are spaced between the endless scenes of characters fighting internally, they’re well worth their screen time.

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