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The Lost City 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Directors: Aaron Nee, Adam Nee
Writers: Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee
Stars: Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum

You know studio movies are at a standstill when, in the midst of endless Spider-Bat sequels, you find yourself pining for movies review like “Romancing the Stone” and “King Solomon’s Mines.” I can’t be the only one who craves a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, where the leads throw sparks and the ladies’ makeup never smudges, no matter how close they are to the volcano. After a long stretch without a Hollywood adventure movie on the big screen, “The Lost City 2022” is a welcome counterprogramming.

The story was the brainchild of producer Seth Gordon, but brothers Adam and Aaron Nee are credited with fixing the formula, while Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum They provide the chemistry. Bullock plays intelligent romantic novelist Loretta Sage, who has lost her inspiration since the death of her husband, an archaeologist who might have discovered something. Her once-scorching pots are barely simmering these days, and she’s seriously thinking about killing Dash, the long-haired, Fabio-like lothario who graces the covers of all her books.

She can barely stand Alan, the goofy male role model who plays Dash, dismissing him as a mouth-breathing “body wash commercial.” But Alan is a hit with the ladies at book signings and, lucky for her, he likes Loretta a bit, enough to go wandering halfway across the Atlantic after she’s kidnapped by a weirdo. rich man named Abigail Fairfax. Fairfax, a billionaire with an insecurity complex, is convinced that Loretta knows the location of the Crown of Fire, a long-lost diamond headdress described in his latest book, and takes her to a remote tropical island to help him find him. Maybe then Dad will love him.

Not the brightest Alan has the wisdom to recruit an old acquaintance, deadly former Navy SEAL Jack Trainer, who normally works alone. But Alan insists on accompanying him, and together these two dreamy guys follow Loretta’s clock signal to the mid-Atlantic, where Abigail has located the “Lost City of 2022.” Much to Alan’s annoyance, Loretta seems much more interested in Jack once he rescues her, even though the affair is just beginning.

Free from captivity but still trapped on the island, Loretta realizes that she might be able to find out where the Crown of Fire is hidden. Pursued by Abigail’s henchmen, she and Alan make their way through the jungle, dodging almost all the usual pitfalls of the genre, minus the picky natives. “The Lost City” evokes films that can seem shockingly insensitive when reviewed today, while avoiding the most shocking clichés.

“The Lost City” was filmed in the Dominican Republic, and while there’s a lot of CG involved, it’s still great to see the movie stars running around real jungles, especially after being cooped up indoors for two years. Even at the film’s SXSW Film Festival premiere in masks, “The Lost City” was a breath of fresh air: the kind of light-hearted two-hour getaway that doesn’t take itself too seriously, complete with wacky banter. between Bullock and Tatum, a guilty pleasure scavenger hunt that pretends to be more progressive than it really is by alternating between who saves whom.

Loretta Sage is not a feminist icon: she runs around the island in high heels and a bright fuchsia jumpsuit, but at least the movie allows her to keep her clothes on, while Alan constantly loses his. Ditching the usual dumb-in-jeopardy routine of movies like “Six Days, Seven Nights,” the film focuses more on Dash’s cleavage than hers, and there’s even a gratuitous leech removal scene that reveals more of the actor. that “Magic”. Mike” did. Tatum knows what fans want from her, as does Bullock, who leans toward the kind of physical comedy that has been her forte since “Miss Congeniality.” A part where she’s being wheeled through the jungle while she’s strapped into a chair, as pyrotechnics explode around her revives the goofiness factor that was missing from CG-dominated action movies.

“The Lost City” won’t be nominated for an Oscar, but it repeats what Spielberg and Lucas did with “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” digging into a centuries-old genre for inspiration and polishing those tropes for a new generation.

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