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Director: Eskil Vogt
Writer: Eskil Vogt
Stars: Rakel Lenora Fløttum, Alva Brynsmo Ramstad, Sam Ashraf

The lonely, mysterious, and sometimes thoughtlessly violent world of childhood is explored with chilling directness and exceptional skill in author/director Eskil Vogt’s horror film, The Innocents 2022. While clearly congruent with the dark themes and emotional dynamics that Vogt has sampled in his scripts for fellow Norwegian Joachim Trier, Vogt’s unique voice as a director emerges even more clearly with this sophomore film, a continuation of his playful experimental drama. Blind from 2014. The Blind, which is sexually explicit and nauseating, but in some ways the most challenging film as it uncomfortably delves into children’s capacity for cruelty as well as loyalty and self-sacrifice.

It is surely no accident that this film shares a title with director Jack Clayton’s exquisitely lurid 1961 loose adaptation of Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, in which Deborah Kerr’s governess becomes convinced that her fair-skinned wards are possessed by the spirits of two dead adult lovers. . The plots are quite different, and the viewpoints here belong almost entirely to the children rather than a hysterical adult. But the pronounced sense that there is much more going on among the young than meets the eye is a significant factor in both films.

Meanwhile, it already seems inevitable that someone will be interested in buying the rights to make an American version of this tale of psychically empowered tweens living in a high-rise suburban compound, left to fend for themselves during the bitch. summer days. That said, it’s a plot setup that is already unprecedented in the English language, and comparisons are sure to be made to various Stephen King spin-off images like The Shining, Firestarter, etc., not to mention the classic Akira manga. It’s even closer to the found-footage exercise Chronicle from 2012, even if that older film’s cast are proper teenagers who develop telekinetic powers after being exposed to a mysterious MacGuffin from outer space.

Ogt’s portrayal of the supernatural spawn needs no outside agent to endow children with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Instead, as far as children are concerned, these abilities are just weird talents that they possess. The ability to move objects simply by concentrating, or to hear other people’s thoughts, is not so different to them from the joint hypermobility of the main character Ida, played by Rakel Lenora Flottum.

Newly moved into the high-rise complex next to a forest with her family, 9-year-old Ida can’t really play with her older sister Anna (Alva Brynsmo Ramstad) because the latter developed regressive autism when she was little and can’t even speak anymore. , although her parents remember a time when she could. Instead, Anna just hums a lot and spins objects like plates or lids, locked in an inner world that leaves her seemingly oblivious to others. Ramstad’s performance was clearly developed from a study of people on the spectrum, but while the tics and pacing behavior are entirely believable, they don’t feel like caricature or exaggeration. Equally compelling is the portrayal of the gentle but sometimes exasperated affection shown by Ellen Dorrit Pedersen and Morten Svartveit as parents to Ida and Anna.

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