The Girl Before 2022 Tv Show Review Online

Stars: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mark Stanley Ben Hardy

The story of two women, Emma and Jane, united by a house, and a man, Edward. I walked out of part one so confused, but curious, by the end of episode two, I was totally hooked and desperate for more, and to know the outcome. It’s pretty hard to follow, you need to be on your A game as there’s a lot going on. He jumps quite a bit, back and forth, side to side, so watch him sober. The pacing might be a problem for some, but I personally enjoyed the way the story was told.

So many random events, drama, chaos, curiosity, you will wonder why, how and who, but in the end there is only one question, what happened that night? It’s easy to get sidetracked here on some of the threads, and there are many, but the core of the story is excellent.

I think the cast is fabulous, David Oyelowo is impressive throughout, charming and sinister. An odd choice for the BBC I thought, publishing this Christmas week deals with some pretty grim subject matter.

This clever, stylized and, to be honest, highly unlikely four-part BBC thriller, however, kept my wife and I intrigued and excited throughout. Strongly reminiscent of the kind of brilliant thriller Hollywood might have produced in the ’80s starring Michael Douglas or Sharon Stone, it centered around an immaculate, high-tech house in London available to rent, but only to the absolutely renter. suitable. It is owned by a wealthy, successful but reclusive architect who rigorously vets applicants by setting them up with lengthy, new-age-style personal questionnaires to complete, sets draconian rules to live by, and even conducts a final interview process before giving them the go-ahead. or, given the place has been empty for about three years, more often than not, a shake of the head.

As we join the action, the story branches into two separate timelines as we see first a young mixed-race couple and then a single black woman separately make it through all of the owner’s hoops and jumps to finally graduating and picking up the keys, or in this case, wristband passes to the snazzy new property that has all the modern conveniences, including mood lighting and music, sensor-operated showers, but, as we find out later, hardly any security. More than this, however, both the owner and the house itself hold dark secrets that the narrative reveals as both timelines, one current for the single girl and the other three years ago for the couple, end in explosive conclusions. dramatic. .

It is fair to say that the other main character in this drama is the house itself, both inside and out. Personally, I’m a gadget fiend, so the idea of ​​a fully automated property has always appealed to me, but giving HAL a similar personality has to be a mistake, as we all know where that ends.

After taking some time to work out the intersecting storylines and indeed separate the two young women who, essentially narratively, bear a strong resemblance to each other, this was a dark story of obsession and control. I’m not sure I agree with the domination and manipulation of two obviously emotionally damaged young women by a mysterious but superficially attractive male figure, nor was I impressed with the relatively unsympathetic police treatment of a rape victim, but nonetheless, my wife and I soon became attuned to the intricately plotted double mystery.

Strongly acted out by all the leads and atmospherically directed, what it lacked in political correctness and credibility it made up for in indirect thrills and chills.