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Directors: Masashi Ando, Masayuki Miyaji
Writers: Taku Kishimoto, Nahoko Uehashi
Stars: Anne, Luis Bermudez, Ray Chase

The Deer King to begin walking on familiar ground. From his warrior riding a stag to a population oppressed by imperial conquest and an exploration of humanity’s horrific damage to the environment, he touches on themes that have been addressed extensively in other animated works. But The Deer King quickly defends itself with an eye for complex characters, gorgeous animation, and a riveting world with poignant messages and an even deeper focus on the importance of medical science in times of crisis and superstition.

For his directorial debut, Masashi Ando draws on his experience as a character designer on fantasy animated films such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, where his co-director Masayuki Miyaji also worked as assistant director. address. Together, they create a film that plunges you into the depths of a decades-long conflict. Even though The Deer King has a super dense setting rich in history and lore, it never feels overwhelming. From the opening scene, we’re introduced to enough new concepts to fill a brochure, but the film is confident that its visuals will be enough to convey the information without relying on exposure.

At the center of this conflict is Van (Shinichi Tsutsumi), the leader of a group of warriors who fought against the invading Zol Empire and lost. Now, he is on the run after escaping imprisonment, protecting a young girl named Yuna (Hisui Kimura) when a pack of wolves, embodying a mysterious supernatural disease, attacks them. As grand as his world may seem at first, The Deer King is a fairly intimate story of a found family, all based on the relationship between the stoic warrior Van and his outgoing adopted daughter. Having served as animation director on Your Name, Ando brings the same strong, energetic character animation to The Deer King, elevating the voice acting to its harshest emotional impact with subtle facial expressions and muscular tensions that make the smallest scenes smaller. and personal feel as visually stunning and essential as the large-scale action.

In that sense, The Deer King is easily one of the most impressive animated features this year. The art direction makes this a lush world that feels lived-in and full of rich detail. Perhaps most impressive is the way he manages to give the characters believable weight. Whether it’s something as simple as a girl tripping and falling, or a soldier getting punched, the movements feel realistic to the point where the fight scenes actually hurt. At a time when live-action movies rely so heavily on digital stuntmen that they feel like weightless dolls, The Deer King is a refreshing throwback to a period when 2D animation reigned supreme.

On the surface, the film shares some similarities with Princess Mononoke due to their shared themes of environmentalism and imperialism, but The Deer King quickly distances itself from the comparison by focusing on the science. Billed as a “medical fantasy,” it is based on a novel by Nahoko Uehashi, which even won a Japanese award for medical fiction. Ando and Miyaji use the fantasy setting as a means to explore how societies deal with a disease they don’t understand and how superstition, cultural beliefs, and lack of technology often get in the way of scientific reason.

Van’s warrior past may give the film its title, but the film’s true hero is Hossal (Ryōma Takeuchi), a doctor desperately trying to find a cure for the mysterious illness that only seems to affect a handful of people. Watching The Deer King tackle religious anti-vaccines and pandemic-derived racism takes on even more shock in 2021, giving the film’s themes and its final message about overcoming differences in the name of science even more. more urgent.

The Deer King is a film full of ideas, themes and traditions. It presents a world on the brink of war, with social unrest, a history of imperial subjugation, and a belief in divine retribution, which are simply the results of a much larger story that we don’t see on screen. Yet it manages to tell a concise story about found families, supernatural illness, and breaking the cycle of violence for the greater good with stunning animation and a grounded emotional core.

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