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The Bad Guys 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Pierre Perifel
Writers: Aaron Blabey, Etan Cohen, Yoni Brenner
Stars: Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Awkwafina

In Dreamworks Animation movie new animated comedy The Bad Guys 2022, a notorious group of animal criminals are finally caught after their latest daring heist. To avoid jail, they have to prove to the city that they’ve become good. While they’re at it, they get caught up in a really bad guy’s nefarious plot and have to save the city that has already doomed them as villains.

Wolf and Snake are best friends and the leaders of the rest of their criminal crew, each possessing a particular skill set as a tech genius, master of disguise, or fighting expert.

Just as they are arrested and about to be sent to jail, Professor Marmalade (Richard Ayoade), a notorious do-gooder and know-it-all in guinea pig form, says that he can reform this group of bad guys. . Professor Marmalade offers to rehabilitate them under his tutelage and asks the police and Mayor Diane Foxington to give them another chance.

A wolf, a snake, a shark, a tarantula, a shark and a piranha walk into a bank. What happens next?

Well, if your first thought is, ‘Wait, snakes can’t walk and sharks and piranhas aren’t fish?’, then this probably isn’t your kind of movie.

But if you enjoy a good old-fashioned animated feature packed with action and laughs, The Bad Guys will do you good.

Loosely based on a series of best-selling children’s books by author Aaron Blabey, the headline bad guys are five animals that are traditionally stereotyped as “bad guys.”

Leading the gang is master thief Mr Wolf (Sam Rockwell). As he points out, wolves are often the villains in many stories, from Little Red Riding Hood to The Three Little Pigs, so he might as well embrace the stereotype and be the big bad wolf everyone thinks he is.

His gang includes four other ‘bad’ animals: clever safecracker Mr Snake (Marc Maron), master of disguise Mr Shark (Craig Robinson), tough gang fighter Mr Piranha (Anthony Ramos), and master hacker Ms Tarantula (Awkwafina).

The gang agree to this deal, after all their alternative is scum, but they struggle to become good guys while the professor tries to train them in the ways of goodness by rescuing kittens and lab guinea pigs (the unintelligent kind). , unlike Professor Marmalade.

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