Tekken: Bloodline Official Trailer released with Jin Kazama tangle with Mishima bloodline

Netflix has released a new official trailer and release date for its anime adaptation of Namco’s legendary fighting game series – Tekken.

The trailer begins with Kazama remembering the words of probably Jun Kazama (Jin’s mother), followed by Hiechi asking Jin to remember his helplessness that he couldn’t save his mother. Jin Kazama is training with his ruthless grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament in hopes of avenging his mother Jun Kazama’s death at the hands of the mighty Ogre.

Heihachi wants Jin to probably forget Kazama’s fighting style and adopt Mishima’s fighting style. The trailer then shows the start of the King of the Iron Fist tournament where only the fighter from around the world will be invited.

The characters featured in the trailer are King, Feng Wei, Paul, Nina, Hwoarang, Julia Chang, Leroy Smith (surprisingly), Xiaoyu, Kazuya mishima, and Heihachi Mishima.

On the montage of the images, Heihachi offers an ominous narration: “Kazama. Think of your helplessness when Ogre killed your mother. To defeat him, you must purge Kazama’s pacifism and fan your Mishima fire. I’m going to tear you down completely, then rebuild you. Your body will be a weapon. The Mishima style is the only way.”



The story seems to follow the events of Tekken 3 (released in 1997 by Bandai Namco), if not follow it exactly. (Leroy, for his part, doesn’t appear in the games until much later.) It’s a smart choice: Jin is a classic tragic hero, hunted by his saintly mother and his evil father Kazuya, with strong motivations that could easily be corrupted by the iconic villain Heihachi. As a framework for what will undoubtedly be endless fight scenes, it’s as solid as it gets.

In a recent promo for the anime, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada bragged that the games have had the “longest-running plot” in the entire video game medium. There’s a lot here for Netflix to work with.

Starting from the words of Harads San, Anime Will answers some of the biggest questions that are still in theory. It would be interesting to see if Anime would lead to anything in Tekken 8’s story.

Tekken: Bloodline will be released on August 18 on Netflix.

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