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Tall Girl 2 2022 Movie Review Trailer Poster Online

Director: Emily Ting
Writer: Sam Wolfson
Stars: Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter

Jodi (Ava Michelle) is finally finding out everything. She’s learning to love her height, happy with her best friend-turned-boyfriend Dunks (Griffin Gluck), and even brave enough to audition for her school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie. She has forgiven Stig (Luke Eisner) for his sins against her, and wears BFF Fareeda’s (Anjelika Washington) designs at school. However, when she is cast as the lead in the musical and she begins to attract the attention of other boys, Jodi struggles to silence the negative voice inside her head, fearful that her life will explode. And in a way, she does; after a failed anniversary dinner, she pressures Dunks to break up with her, and the two go down an awkward path while wondering if they made the wrong decision.

As rehearsals progress and her group of friends deal with their respective problems, Jodi’s anxiety increases; she can’t face the fact that her sister Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) is moving to Los Angeles, she can’t get Dunks to talk to her, and the idea of ​​getting onstage even as her stalker Kimmy (Clara Wilsey) tries to psych her up becomes increasingly more discouraging. What does the future hold? Will she ever be able to truly trust herself? However, with the help of her support system and finding the kind and confident voice within herself, she may very well make it after all.

Tall girl is dumb. she always has been. There’s a bit of charm present due to the strength of the cast, but the writing is shallow, introducing us to underdeveloped friends and a one-note bad girl. The sequel feels completely unnecessary, especially given the totally forgettable nature of the first installment. At first, Jodi had no real personality beyond her insecurity, she hunched down the halls with a sullen look on her face and hoping no one would notice her.

In Tall Girl 2, she once again doesn’t have much to do besides figure out which guy she wants to date and learn to silence the negative voice inside her head. Griffin Gluck, so fucking funny in American Vandal, does his best to elevate a shoddy script, but King Dunks somehow falls into the squeaky good guy trope this time around, and it sucks. Jodi’s friends, Fareeda in particular, who were previously relegated to the sidelines, have a bit more to do here without simply waiting to cheer Jodi on, which is a welcome change. Unfortunately, though, Tall Girl 2’s plot feels all over the place and confusing, existing in a sexless, gambling-free world of sweetness that expects us to care deeply about a character so self-centered that she can’t figure out what she’s doing. going. in the life of everyone around you.