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Strange World 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Don Hall
Writer: Qui Nguyen
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Alan Tudyk

Jake Gyllenhaal continues his foray into animated films. The Oscar-nominated actor made his voice acting debut in last year’s “Spirit Untamed” and is now starring in Disney’s animated adventure film “Strange World,” which opens in theaters on November 23. With a plot mostly kept secret, “Strange World 2022” follows the Clade family of explorers, who travel to an uncharted land where fantastical creatures wait to be discovered. Co-directed by Academy Award-nominated “Raya and the Last Dragon” filmmakers Don Hall and writer Qui Nguyen, “Strange World” also stars Alan Tudyk; the rest of the cast has yet to be announced.

Gyllenhaal plays Searcher Clade, the son of a famous explorer who claims in the trailer that he is nothing like his father; instead, he is just a farmer, but still on a mission to a land “beyond space and time.”

“Strange World 2022” director Hall previously said the feature is a nod to adventure stories from “old pulp numbers.” With a twist on Pixar’s beloved film “Up,” the “Strange World” trailer blends age-old adventure tales with Dr. Seuss-esque fantasy elements to create a “journey beyond the possible” filled with “infinite mystery.”.

Strange World

“I think all you really have, as an actor, outside of technical skills, is your imagination, so that was one thing. I found it interesting,” Gyllenhaal told The Scotsman of his animated film debut. “We had a camera that had to film us doing the action so the animators could mimic our facial expressions, so I had a hard time holding that screen and talking to it at the same time and it was really, really hot. I played the entire part on my knees, basically in a prayer position next to a bed, with two pillows on either side of my head and a very heavy blanket over them.”

As for his live-action projects ahead, Gyllenhaal has a handful of projects in the works, including two TV miniseries, the prison-revenge drama “The Son” and the long-awaited adaptation of Gary Shteyngart’s “Lake Success.” . Gyllenhaal is producing “Lake Success” through his Nine Stories production company and is rumored to be seeking a directing role in addition to starring. “Strange World” will open in theaters on November 23.

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