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Ritmo Salvaje 2022 Tv Show Review Cast Crew Online

Stars: Olivia Castanho, Paulina Dávila, Greeicy Rendón

If Ritmo Salvaje 2022 were a movie, we could argue that the concept is like many other addictive narratives surrounding competitive dance. Two dancers who are absolute polar opposites, trying to succeed in their art. In the case of Ritmo Salvaje, Antonio and Karina have very different lives; one clothed in privilege, while the other is situated in a struggle.

Curiously, Antonio, the privileged one, has a life in which her mother lives through her vicariously. I always find it fascinating when I witness a case study of a person who, by definition, “has it all”, but does not bring happiness. I honestly believe that purpose is the primary human drive, and having a father trying to direct one’s life choices is a depressing prospect for anyone. On the other hand, Karina has to perform for a highly talented dance crew while she fends off her creepy boss at her typical day job.

But of course the premise kicks in when Antonio and Karina are connected by their passion: dancing. While Antonio is desperate to be accepted into a prestigious dance studio called Royal, Karina and her dance team have a chance. But with failure comes despair, and the real story begins when Antonio admires Karina’s dance training and asks for help.

The contrast in social themes is ambitious in Netflix Ritmo Salvaje, but the female leads and their supporting cast are plenty to sell the concept. It’s certainly a tough test, with the dance series trying to hold a torch in art while bringing in the vibrancy of young adults. Season 1 raises the stakes pretty quickly, ratcheting up tensions and a treacherous path for both dancers. Savage Rhythm is not a friendly world at all, with lots of sparks flying and a few moments of danger.

There’s no arguing that Ritmo Salvaje is certainly entertaining, but this story has been repeated many times. It requires the audience to accept it.

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