Reacher TV Show Review 2022 Cast Crew

Stars: Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald

Surprisingly good show Reacher 2022, with great action scenes and a likeable main character. An interesting police story that reminds us of good old-fashioned entertainment.

The story follows the atmosphere of the books well, and the casting is great. Alan Ritchson is a great choice for the role of Jack Reacher, not only does he look like him, but he conveyed his character well on screen.

Most of today’s series can’t be seen, but this is a really positive surprise. The series follows the plot of the first book, “Killing Floor”, and Reacher tries to find the culprits in a series of murders.

The show is a real surprise, because it does not suffer from most of the common flaws of today’s film production. There are only a few small things that could be better, but this is definitely better than the vast majority of shows today, because it tries to entertain the viewer and not bother them with unnecessary things.

The fight scenes are excellent, tense and brutal. Alan Ritchson is convincing as Jack Reacher, but the other actors played his characters well too. A really nice surprise, considering most good stories are ruined by today’s writers.

The show looks interesting, very cinematic and is well directed. The soundtrack is good, it blended perfectly with the atmosphere of the story.

An interesting police story with an excellent main character, a tense plot, brutal action and a good cast.

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