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Pokemon Journeys Episode 122-124 Special Previews Battle with Ash vs Cynthia

The stage is set for the ultimate Battle between two legendary Pokemon trainers, where ash is going to battle against Cynthia in the world’s Semifinal championship, we have got the glimpse of Battle in the new special preview, below are some key takeaways from the trailer.

Preview begins with the Cynthia talking to Diantha about her plans after her battle with Ash. Diantha on the other hand probably lost her battle against Champion Leon in a 6 vs 6 Battle. which is already confirmed by the official site. Diantha will fight Leon in the upcoming episode where she would probably be losing.

Cynthia and ash were looking into the Fierce battle with each other where Cynthia’s togekiss and two other Pokemon are coming as heavy on ash’s Pikachu, Gengar and Dragonaite. ash we see Pikachu is trying his best to beat cynthia’s Togekiss. after that we saw ash’s lucario come into the action to fight against togekiss. preview then heaps into Cynthia saying lets heat the moment , where she is probably talking about using key stone to mega evolve Garchomp.

Other than that we also see Cynthia’s Milotic getting battled with ash’s Sir fetched, final battle is going to be interesting, which looks like Lucario is going to fight Garchomp, where Lucario will be mega evolve and fight mega Gar chomp to conclude the battle. ash looks to be in advantage since it has special bond with lucario and probably use it the battle.

Ash is going to use Pikachu, gengar, Dragonite, Sir fetched, drakovish and Lucario (with Mega and Bond evolution).

Cynthia is seen of saying she is been waiting for this kind of battle for years.