Pokemon Journeys Episode 118 Previews Ash vs Steven of Master 8 Battle

Ash is going to fight Steven in the next episode of Pokemon Master Journeys, a preview of the episode shows that the battle will be extravagant.

After the fierce battle between Iris and Cynthia, which had an emotional ending, it’s time for the Alolan champion to fight against the Jhoto champion, Steven. Ash has promised Iris that he will have a great battle with his next opponent.

from the preview we know that ash is going to use Gengar, Drakovish, and Pikatue against Steven, in episode 117 at the end we saw that ash might be using Gigantamax or keystone, but if he’s not using lukario then it might not be possible that use Mega Stone.

Ash must defeat Steven Stone in the first round, but after that he will face either Cynthia or Iris. Ash and Iris last fought in episode 65 of Pokémon Journeys, and after defeating Haxorus with his Dragonite, Ash promised Iris a rematch. It may not be possible for us to see her rematch in this tournament. On the other hand, the battle between Ash and Cynthia is highly anticipated, and it’s hard to imagine Ash becoming a Pokémon Master without proving that he can defeat her. I suspect that Cynthia will defeat Iris, then Ash will defeat Cynthia and move on to the final match against Leon.

On the other side of the bracket, we have Diantha defeating Lance to advance to the next round. So it will be Leon vs Diantha, where Leon will win against her and advance to the final of the world coronation series.

Each battle in the Masters Tournament will have its own episode, with Leon taking on Diantha next week, Cynthia taking on Iris on July 15, and Ash taking on Steven Stone on July 22. We likely won’t see the final battle until the end of August if those promotional trailers don’t spoil it sooner. Although it seems that the tournament is going to be predictable, you never know what can happen. It seems there’s no way for Ash to lose, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time victory has slipped through his fingers. Of course, we still have to wait for the Scarlet & Violet series, which will answer the next big question, where does Ash go from here?

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