Pokemon Journeys Episode 118 Ash Vs Steven Full Review

Pokemon Journeys episode 118 Ash vs Steven…Battle starts with Ash choosing his drakovish and steven choose his strongest metagross, both pokemon starts with casual attacks followed by a stealthy clash of bite and giga impact. steven callback his metagross and chooses Aggron to fight against drakovish. ash asks drakovish to use dragon dive for which steven’s grovish reply with head impact. after which drakovish could’nd hold the stand and got fainted.

Ash choosed gengar as his second pokemon and startight away use his Op move that hits right on the money and sucks Aggron energy, after that Aggron uses stone edge to finish things off, but gengar use protect to save him from the move which leads to the fainting of Aggron. steven looks surprised by the impact of the move.

Steven choose Qingdao as his second Pokemon that uses power leaf as its first move to capture gengar in its leaf, gengar could’nt do much and not able to free from the move. just when Qingado was using hyper beam , ash asked gengar to use protect against Qingado, and it works ,Gengar gets free from the Qingdao’s move. then steven’s Qingdao use power leaf against gengar’s shadowball, which leads to the end of Gengar.

Ash choose Pikachu as his final Pokémon, Pikachu end Qingdao by trapping his power leaf into its electoweb, Qingdao couldn’t do much except but take Pikachu’s iron tale that ends up being the faint of the Qingdao.

finally Steven choose Metagross again and make him Mega evolve, little pikachu use thunderbold but metagross is too quick to dodge all of the electrics, Metagross used mega punch to almost knock off pikachu, followed by psychojenesiis, just when it seems that pikachu is going to lost the battle, then ash smils and send its cap to pikachu for releasing of its strongest move 100,000 volt, Mega metagross tried to dodge the move but couldn’t able to resist the impact of 100,000 volt which leads to make ash as winner and advances to the next round.

Ash will now battle Cynthia in the semi final of the world championship battle. and Leon will be battling Diantha.