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Pokemon Journeys Episode 117 Previews Iris Vs Cynthia of Master 8 Battle

Pokemon journeys are over the top as they progress through the Masters Eight championship, after Alan vs Champion and Lance vs Diantha, now it’s time for our dragon master to battle Sinnoh Champio Cynthia. In the latest preview of episode 117, Iris’s Dragonite is seen fighting with Cynthia Dragonight, both types of dragons engage in a fierce battle to make her an epic third round eight master.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 117 (scheduled for release on July 15 in Japan) is titled “Vs. Cynthia! Iris’ Road to Dragon Master!” This sets up the third match in the quarterfinal bracket between Cynthia and Iris, with the winner facing the winner of the fourth battle, which will begin on Episode 118 (aired July 22 in Japan) titled “Ash Heads”. To the battle! Against Steven!!”

It’s going to be a great battle between two of the biggest dragon types Cynthia with Garchomp and Iris with Dragonite everyone is hyped as Iris is so excited to fight with the Sinnoh champion while Ash is cheering Iris from the crowd and wishing you have a great battle would take place

Ash Ketchum has battled his way up the ranks of the Coronation World Series thus far, and the most recent episodes of the series airing in Japan have finally reached the climax of his journey this season as he prepares for battles against some of his toughest opponents. in the series to date. Some of which fans have wanted to see him wrestle for quite some time.

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