Pokemon Journeys Episode 117 Iris vs Cynthia Full Review

Pokemon Journeys Episode 117 “Iris, the Path to be a Dragon Master” is one of the best episodes in pokemon enime for a long, long time, where it starts with a fierce battle between dragon-type pokemon and ends with the emotional ending that breaks the sleep.

Episode 117 started with two of the top 8 trainers from the world coronation series, Iris has a dragon master tag on her back and Cynthia with the Sinnoh champion as we know very well.

The battle starts with Iris choosing Exadrill and Cynthia choosing Toritodon, Toritodon filled the entire battlefield with rain and Exadrill played again as a metal claw but it became ineffective and Toritodon took the hit easily. Toritodon then used muddy water, causing the entire battlefield to fill with muddy water, to respond with his trusty “Horn Drill” attack. that hit the target, and Tortodon cannot fight.


Cynthia then chooses her second pokemon, Milotic, who finishes off Excadril with a powerful hydro pump, which evens both trainers. Iris chooses Dragonite as her second Pokémon, Dragonite charges at Milotic with electric shocks that deal quite a bit of damage. after that, Milotic uses charm voice to unstable Dragonite. He wants to stand up to fight, but before he could do much, Milotic grabs him in his arms following the mighty Ironhead to finish off Dragonite in battle.

Iris then uses her final pokemon, Haxorus, which uses the psycho cutter to intercept milotic’s Charm Voice, and then wraps things up with a strong, wide breaker causing cynthia to lose her second pokemon.


Now they are both evenly matched, so Cynthia chooses her strongest Pokémon, Garchomp, to fight, Garchomp starts his strongest Dragon-type attack, Dracko Meteore, Iris uses reverse scaling to counter Cynthia’s move. After that, it’s time for Cynthia to finally reveal her final blow with the reveal of the keystone to make Garchomp Mega Evolve into Mega Garchomp.

Garchomp used her final attack, which is the Dracko meteor, to end the battle against which Iris’s hexorus couldn’t stand a chance. that ends the battle with Cynthia as the winner and advances to the next round, when she will fight the winner of the “Ash vs Steven” match.

Heartbreaking emotion was also seen from Iris after the match when Iris cried against her friend and her partner Ash.

To conclude, I have to say that this was one of the biggest battles I’ve seen in a time where both characters have been given the respect they deserve, it’s also amazing to see how Iris grows as a character in the Anime.