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Director: Julien Fournet
Writer: Julien Fournet
Stars: Kaycie Chase, Paul Borne, Julien Crampon

The Pil’s Adventures 2022 is an animated film set in the medieval town of Foggyborough. At the heart of her is a strong little orphan heroine named Pil. She goes on an adventure with some unlikely friends for a warm underdog who makes a good slapstick comedy.

Julien Fournet writes and directs this animated film. It is the third feature film from TAT Productions. While the latter doesn’t have the immense resources of Pixar or DreamWorks, what they do provide is an entertaining and colorful story.

This movie certainly has something in common with Shrek in that there is an evil character named Tristain (voiced by Pierre Tessier), a sort of Lord Farquaad who is hell-bent on stealing a kingdom. Tristain wants to take this away from his rightful heir, Roland (Gauthier Battoue), who has just come of age. Pil (Kaycie Chase) crashes the coronation festivities and witnesses a spell cast on Roland. This turns the handsome Price wannabe into a mystical creature (a cat-chicken hybrid) with the race to find the antidote.

Pil is an interesting character. She disguises herself as a princess to outwit the good-natured would-be knight Crobar (Paul Borne). The pair had previously met when she stole his cakes to survive. She decided that she was little more than a goblin, a cunning thief.

Clearly Gallic in origin, but beautifully crafted, The Adventures of Pil is an animated tale likely to appeal more to children than generations. It lacks the kind of intelligence you’d occasionally get from smarter fare, but younger kids will enjoy just as much the sillier aspects of a goofy knight wannabe helping Pil the chick hybrid and the message to stand up for yourself.

Not exactly didactic or open in her message, Pil presents a morally upright central character, whose generosity and heart are traits to be admired and copied. With an inclusive message from the start and a gentle sense of a moral compass, The Adventures of Pil comes across as innocuous fare that will easily keep some elements of the family entertained.

The mix of fantasy, the feel of a quest, critters crossed, and a sock puppet that’s very reminiscent of Mr. Fibble from Red Dwarf all add up to some fleeting pleasures and a romp in a kingdom that doesn’t stay longer than its 85 minute mark. Welcome.

A motley crew that includes Pil’s adopted weasels and a gang of court jesters. What they discover is the family they never had, as well as some offbeat situations. Young children will learn things like honesty and loyalty, but they may find the plot a bit difficult to follow. At least they can marvel at the colorful characters and scenery, and enjoy the excellent musical soundtrack.

The Adventures of Pil is an adorable little movie full of mayhem and friendship. It’s not a stunningly original story, but it is one that will entertain viewers with the magical fantasy world of it. Plus, there’s a strong female lead who debunks some hackneyed stereotypes. This movie is ultimately a smart and funny animation about how a resourceful girl grows up to find acceptance in an unlikely place.

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