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Murder at Yellowstone City 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Richard Gray
Writer: Eric Belgau
Stars: Anna Camp, Thomas Jane, Richard Dreyfuss

Two things happen when Murder in Yellowstone City 2022 opens. Dunnigan (Zach McGowan, The 100, The Scorpion King: Book of Souls) finds gold, bringing the promise of riches not only for himself but also for the once prosperous city of Yellowstone. And a former slave named Cicero (Isaiah Mustafa, Shadowhunters, The Clinic) comes to town. Cicero sees the smoke from the explosion revealing the gold as he rides, but does not investigate. But that explosion will prove fateful for him when the prospector turns up dead and Sheriff Ambrose is quick to pin the blame on the newcomer.

So fast that he doesn’t even pretend to investigate the crime. He simply arrests Cicero and declares the matter closed. Evidence to the contrary is ignored. This does not sit well with Alice (Anna Camp, True Blood, Jerry and Marge Go Large) who convinces her outlaw preacher husband Thaddeus (Thomas Jane, The Last Son, Vendetta) that she is innocent, sparking a bloody conflict that divide the town.

Director Richard Gray (Robert the Bruce, Mine Games) and writer Eric Belgau (Murder on the Yellow Brick Road, Keyeye the Movie) take the classic Western trope of the stranger in town and make it the center of a film that is as much a drama about the inhabitants of the town of Yellowstone as it is an action movie about a murder in the town of Yellowstone.

We have to sit through nearly an hour of PG-13 level soap opera about the townspeople before another murder occurs and Cicero is mysteriously released from jail just in time to be implicated in it. The murder in the town of Yellowstone should have gotten to this point much sooner or made the drama more interesting instead of a collection of clichés and petty gripes. It is meant to establish multiple potential suspects, but most of them are obvious red herrings.

Unfortunately, after a brief chase, Murder at Yellowstone City returns to drama. We have the brothel owner, Isabel (Aimee Garcia, Dexter, Dragon Wars: D-Day), who was the dead man’s favorite girl and his despised wife (Scottie Thompson, Skyline, Before I Wake). Troubled sheriff’s son (Nat Wolff, Body Cam, Death Note), gay bartender Edgar (Richard Dreyfuss, Every Last One of Them, Polar), and a young Josephine (Isabella Ruby) who wants revenge for the death of his father. she. years ago.

A cast like this could have at least made for a good mystery as we tried to figure out who the killer is and who’s next on their hit list. But the identity of the killer is pretty obvious, and instead the film wastes another half hour on petty bickering before finally delivering what the trailer promised. And it does a good job with a drawn-out firefight that involves most of the cast.

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