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Director: Eric Ustian
Writer: Eric Ustian
Stars: Andy Buckley, Mira Sorvino, Michael Provost

Most Guys Are Losers 2022, starring Andy Buckley (The Office), Keith David (Nope), Mira Sorvino (Shining Vale), Grace Fulton (Shazam!), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), and Belmont Camelli (Peacock’s Saved by the Bell), It will be released in theaters and on VOD on July 1 by Gravitas Ventures.

It is a work of fiction. Most Guys Are Losers is based on the book and life of Denver bar owner Mark Berzins, and has been creatively reimagined by screenwriter Eric Ustian. Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, Michael Provost and Grace Fulton co-star with Buckley in the picture. Eric Ustian co-wrote, directed and produced the film with Lene Amalfi, Anthony Clementi and Mark Berzins. The director of photography was Evan Zissimopulos, and the editors were Thales Correa and Connor Sweeney.

A California college boy seeks the approval of his girlfriend’s father, a bar owner and author of a dating book called Most Guys are Losers, in writer-director Eric Ustian’s film, which takes place over the weekend of Thanksgiving in Chicago. Lee Amalfi and Anthony Clementi produced the film, which was executive produced by Ustian, Mark Berzins, Greg Stubblefield and Dan Ustian, with associate producers Maximilian Bustamante and Yuly Springer.

Gravitas Ventures, an independent feature film and documentary distributor formed in 2006 and recently acquired from multi-platform media company Anthem Sports & Entertainment, has announced the establishment of Gravitas Premiere, a new theatrical distribution imprint. Michael Lembeck’s Queen Bees; Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Our Friend, starring Casey Affleck, Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel; Stanley Tong’s Vanguard, starring Jackie Chan; and Andy Tennant’s The Secret: Dare to Dream, starring Katie Holmes, are among the company’s recent releases.

It tells a very simple story that follows a young couple, Sandy (Grace Fulton) and Bo (Michael Provost), who must confront her father, Mark (Andy Buckley), and win her approval for Bo. Writer/director Eric Ustian doesn’t deviate from the usual formula. He goes through the motions, with the dramatic, intense, and emotional moments, all pretty predictable in the grand scheme of it all.

The film begins by showing that the lack of communication between Mark and Bo is the result of a mishap during a video call. Then Sandy and Bo land their dream jobs. In preparation for meeting her father in person, Sandy introduces Bo to Mark’s Most Guys Are Losers, a book on how to be the best boyfriend possible. Bo is obviously nervous when they meet, but since he’s read the book, he’s ready for anything Mark throws at him.

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