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Monster High 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Todd Holland
Writers: Billy Eddy, Matt Eddy, Greg Erb
Stars: Ceci Balagot, Steve Valentine, Jy Prishkulnik

Nickelodeon has released the first batch of character posters for Monster High: The Movie, the live-action film based on Mattel’s horror-inspired toy line, offering a first look at Clawdeen, Cleo, Draculaura, Frankie, Deuce, Heath, Lagoona, Bloodgood and Komos.

Released in 2010, the ‘Monster High’ miniseries and doll lines captured the hearts of children. Through unique ways of rendering and unmatched character designs, this Mattel project was a quick success. Following the teens’ stories of infamous monsters throughout their high school journeys, the miniseries, books, doll diaries, and magazines all focused on the idea of ​​mutual respect and friendship. Instead of promoting the “blue eyes, blonde hair” beauty standard that was so popular with Mattel’s ‘Barbie,’ ‘Monster High’ sought a diverse and unique look for each and every character. And while the dolls still had inclusivity flaws, like never featuring plus-size characters, they were a world apart from most toys on the market at the time because of their bizarre designs and morally sound stories that supported the growth of the game. character.

Monster High: The Movie Releases This Year! The live action movie coming to Paramount+ is the first revival of Mattel’s beloved brand. The goal is to introduce these characters to a new generation. The toy franchise monsters made its debut in 2010 and spawned an animated series and tie-in books. Now they’re back to spread their message of inclusion and being yourself.

The live-action movie is a musical, so get ready for you and the kids to watch along with these teens as they embrace what makes them different, make friends, and become heroes in their own right over the course of the story.

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