Lucario Learning To bond In New Pokemon Journeys Episode

Stars:  Zeno Robinson, Sarah Natochenny, Ikue Ôtani

Pokemon Journeys is gearing up to bring Ash Ketchum’s Greninja back to the anime after several years of absence, and is now teasing a battle between him and Lucario with some new preview images for the next episode of the series! The most recent iteration of the anime has been celebrating the past by having Ash and Goh explore every region of the franchise featured thus far, and this has led to the return of many familiar faces from the past. This has even included Ash’s previous Pokémon teams in previous episodes, but one fan favorite had yet to return.

After first being teased during the anime’s most recent opening theme sequence, Pokemon Journeys will finally bring Ash’s Greninja back to the anime with the next episode. As Ash and Lucario prepare for their next big battle in the Coronation World Series, they’ll head to the Kalos region to get some help from Greninja on how to best harness their aura abilities. But being Lucario Lucario, a great battle is going to break out between the two.

It seems that the battle may not go as Lucario expected, as Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 108 is titled “Lucario and Greninja! The Wave Guide to Destiny!” and the episode is described as follows: “In order to power up before entering the Top 8 of the Master Class, Ash and Lucario decide to go see Greninja Ash with whom they have already traveled through the Kalos area. Lucario challenges Greninja to a battle, but ends up completely unable to compete. However, does it look like Greninja wants to say something to Lucario? And now Lucario and Greninja’s waveguide overlaps!” But that’s just to fuel their teamwork for the rest of the episode.