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Keep Breathe 2022 Tv Series Review Trailer Online

Stars: Melissa Barrera, Florencia Lozano, Jeff Wilbusch

Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, the Keep Breathing limited series centers on a successful New York lawyer whose important journey is derailed when her plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. Stranded alone, she has to figure out how to survive the elements. “I love seeing strong women represented on screen and at the epicenter of the story, but I also love that she’s so broken,” Barrera says of her character Liv, who is forced to shed her professional armor and reveal her true self.

Liv may be brilliant, but she’s just as well equipped to handle the wilds as the next person. “She’s a problem solver, but she doesn’t know much about how to survive in the wild,” explains Barrera. That identification puts viewers in this dire straits with her, which was an integral part of how the show was filmed: Barrera was filmed searching for her own path through how she might attempt to build a shelter to find food. “Those moments are super real because they allow me to experiment and do what I felt the character would do at the time,” she says.

Filming Keep Breathing was a welcome but exhausting challenge for Barrera. “This show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she says. Every day, she would shoot between 12 and 14 hours with the crew in the middle of the forest. Barrera did the heavy lifting during those days, as she didn’t have scene partners for most of the wild scenes. To prepare for the show, she also got certified as a scuba diver and learned how to stand on the cables for drop stunts. It was tough, but Barrera loved the month she spent training and called it a lot of fun.

The body of water that viewers see on the show is a glacial lake that was frozen until two weeks before filming began, so she also needed to do some cold water training. “[Filming in the lake] was a big challenge, because you can’t breathe because the water is so cold, so you’re trying to act and tell a story, but you’re also worried about yourself,” she explains. When she was asked which was scarier, taking on Ghostface or surviving the elements, the Scream star chose the wild. “One of my biggest fears in life is drowning,” she says. “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had, but also the proudest thing of myself for pulling it off.”

Keep Breathing is about Liv overcoming challenges both physical and emotional. While her immediate concern is survival, the time alone forces her to reflect. “It’s more of an emotional journey to find answers to a lot of her childhood trauma, so the fact that she’s stranded in the middle of the woods alone and how she survives is a beautiful metaphor for what’s going on inside her,” says Barrera. .

It’s important to remember that Liv insists on getting to her destination, but what exactly starts her journey is a mystery. “She feels very lost and looks for answers because she is at a crossroads in her life,” jokes Barrera. You’ll eventually find out where she’s headed and who she wants to see, but she must first get out of the desert.

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