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Hunter x Hunter Creator Togashi Breaks The Internet With Kurapika’s Return

Hunter x Hunter, it was confirmed via Twitter that Hunter X Hunter author and illustrator Yoshihiro Togashi and his aforementioned series will be returning after a break. The author tweeted draft chapters from the next issue, and many fans suspected Togashi was behind the Twitter account.

The acclaimed Hunter x Hunter mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi has stirred up fans on Twitter as he periodically posts sketches of his work. Today’s post of him left the internet divided as, after a well-deserved and long hiatus, fans got to see Kurapika in the continuation of his role in the manga.

While there was a lot of confusion when Togashi’s tweets seemed to pop up randomly in the month of May, it wasn’t until One Punch Man illustrator Yusuke Murata confirmed the authenticity of the account that fans seemed to go crazy.

This was later confirmed by Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of One-Punch Man, who excitedly stated that it was actually author Togashi himself who tweeted about Hunter X Hunter’s return. Both series enthusiasts and general anime viewers on the site have reacted positively to the return of one of manga’s most legendary authors and series.

Follow this article which fully discusses the anime community’s reaction to the return of Hunter X Hunter and Yoshihiro Togashi.

Hunter X Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi announced his and his series’ return from hiatus this morning via Twitter. Since then, fans have been celebrating Togashi’s return in various ways, even more so after the One-Punch Man illustrator confirmed the news.

Gon and Killua’s Japanese voice actors, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise, respectively, even tweeted their emotions on the microblogging site regarding the announcement. Han used a hand-drawn image of Gon shedding a tear, while Ise used a similarly sketchbook-style image of Killua, who was also seen shedding a tear.

Togashi’s tweets have had an unforgettable impact on the Hunter x Hunter audience, posting only what he wanted to document in the future. His hiatus really elevated the hype to new levels. Togashi’s immense creative mindset is primarily the reason why so many people see him as a legendary mangaka.

Hunter x Hunter has a total of 6 series, 148 episodes and 6 arcs. 

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