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Director: Audrey Diwan
Writers: Marcia Romano, Audrey Diwan, Annie Ernaux
Stars: Anamaria Vartolomei, Kacey Mottet Klein, Luàna Bajrami

“Happening 2022” is not extravagantly advertised as a period piece, although little by little you realize it. The young women it focuses on speak in a way that sounds more or less contemporary, if you’re not thinking about it too much. And if her outfits are a bit dated, the movie is shot so tenderly, looking closely at their soft, hopeful faces that it’s barely noticeable. But then it clicks: the guys wear ties, there are no phones, the dancing in an early party scene is pretty quaint. Turns out “Happening” is set in 1963, and you soon wish it felt more distant from the present moment. Because our protagonist, Anne, is 23 years old and unintentionally pregnant; Determined to do something about it, she immediately finds all doors to her world closing on her.

Adapted from a semi-autobiographical novel by Annie Ernaux, the story isn’t new, but it’s worth repeating at a time when ground isn’t being won over. long term. The battle for women’s reproductive rights can be taken for granted. Without didactic rhetoric or politics, “Happening” powerfully rehearses the risks of denying women control over their bodies. As it opens this week in competition in Venice, it’s impossible to watch and not think about the recent regressive change in Texas abortion law. Fifty-eight years after the setting of the film, very few lessons have been learned.

“It suits them to think I’m a slut,” says talented literature student Anne of the prudish, straight-laced bad girls in her Angoulême college dorm, who keep a watchful eye on her. brave their lives. bodies of her partners for signs of sexual activity, whether it’s a hickey or a cold sore that betrays an STD. As it happens, although she’s not a virgin, Anne is pretty level-headed and demure: three weeks after an unseen fling with a nice, respectable student from another town, she couldn’t be more stunned to discover that she’s pregnant.

For a young, working-class woman with plans for an extended academic career, it’s the worst possible news. Continuing education as a single mother is not an option for women like her in 1963, but terminating a pregnancy is, if anything, even more insane. Potential prison time awaits those caught submitting to, executing, or even allowing an abortion. “Don’t even joke about it,” says an affected friend of Anne’s, unaware of her friend’s condition, when she brings up the very subject.

A doctor (Fabrizio Rongione) sympathizes with Anne’s wishes but adamantly declares himself unable to help; another tricks her into taking medicine to strengthen the embryo. He just waits for the underground abortion circuit, but he is accessed by word of mouth, whispered and restless, and Anne has no direct line to him. As the weeks pass, marked on the screen in a subtly compelling countdown to a point of no return, “Happening” takes the form of a human thriller, with Anne’s options closing one by one. Once her belly begins to show, her life, as she has ambitiously built it, is over.

Yet Diwan, making considerable progress since his 2019 debut, addiction studio “Losing It,” doesn’t feel the need to amp up the drama with over-the-top dangers or additional conflict. It’s the general silence with which Anne’s life falls apart that makes the film so heartbreaking, as even the few people she shares her plight with step back and urge her to let nature take its course. course. “Do what you want, it’s none of our business,” advises her best friend. With such lukewarm support from her peers, he doesn’t have the heart to trust the elders, including her confused and concerned mother (Sandrine Bonnaire, touchingly low-key) or her doting liberal-minded teacher (Pio Marmaï) once they get down. your grades. alarmingly south. When she finds an ally in her social circle, he is surprisingly unexpected.

Meanwhile, “Happening” is filmed and performed in a register so delicate and smooth as skin that the mounting terror of Anne’s situation is even more pronounced, finally veering into a realm of fully realism-based body horror.

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