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Guns 3: Alias Billy the Kid 2022 Movie Review Trailer

Director: Emilio Estevez
Writers: Emilio Estevez, John Fusco
Stars: Christian Slater, Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips

Young Guns and Young Guns II writer John Fusco has teased that a third movie is finally in the works with Emilio Estevez returning as Billy the Kid. On Twitter, Fusco revealed poster art for a movie called Young Guns III: Alias: Billy the Kid. In the caption, the writer announces that he is working with Estevez to bring Young Guns III to life and turn the cult classic film series into a trilogy.

Billy the Kid is one of the most famous Wild West outlaws in the world. His short life was marked by crime and bloodshed, but he is often idealized in stories of thrilling shootouts and daring escapes. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, one of the most popular examples of this trend was the “Young Guns” series of films, starring Emilio Estevez as Billy. The original 1988 film follows the young outlaw’s life from the time he joins The Regulator posse to his involvement in the Lincoln County War in the late 19th century. The sequel, “Young Guns 2”, came out two years later. The sequel follows the post-war adventures of Billy the Kid in Lincoln Country, told from the perspective of Brushy Bill Roberts (played by an uncredited Estevez), one of many real men who claimed to be Billy in the early 20th century. even though the outlaw official died in 1881.

The “Young Guns” franchise looks set to add another installment with “Guns 3: Alias ​​Billy the Kid.” Much is still unknown about the film’s release date, cast, and plot. Still, here’s what we know about “Guns 3.”

“Emilio Estevez and I are excited to collaborate on this continuation of the Billy the Kid saga, and you’re going to love where it goes,” Fusco writes.

John Fusco also tags original stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Kiefer Sutherland, and Christian Slater, suggesting they could all return along with Estevez. Phillips later tweeted an article about the news, apparently confirming his involvement. Interestingly, Fusco also tags Vincent D’Onofrio, Chris Pratt, and rapper Warren G.

Fusco also tweeted a picture of himself with Estevez filming Young Guns II to further tease the upcoming sequel. In the caption, he writes: “Emilio and I at the Mexico border in 1989, discussing a scene during the filming of #YoungGuns 2. At the end of filming, he gave me his 1881 Colt Lightning. Guess I’ll have to give him give it back to him. There is no surrender for BillytheKid.”

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