Fresh 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: Mimi Cave
Writer: Lauryn Kahn
Stars: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Sebastian Stan, Jojo T. Gibbs

Fresh 2022 movie describes the horrors of modern dating as seen through a young woman’s challenging battle to survive the unusual appetites of her new boyfriend. This movie goes pretty off the rails and for good reason. Writer Lauryn Kahn is no stranger to romantic comedies that have had several flops in the past. For this feature, she plays with the horror genre to give a unique perspective, both literally and metaphorically. The first 30 minutes set up like a nice romantic movie. I quite enjoyed that start.

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan have a cute relationship and great chemistry that lasts all the time. After that first half hour, the movie starts to pick up and shows a darker side. In fact, the opening credits don’t happen until then. What comes next is absurd and chilling. Without the direction of Mimi Cave, her first funny feature film, I doubt the film would work. She makes this an awkward and entertaining watch altogether. Her techniques may not be entirely unrelated to the horror genre and she can definitely be predictable at times, but I feel like she pulls it off.

I mentioned our two leads before, and they get even better as the movie goes on. Edgar-Jones delivers a totally committed performance proving once again that she is quite the newcomer in recent years. I really liked her character and how she is able to put on a good performance to please others in the most desperate moments. Sebastian Stan does it well in this role and it is completely fascinating. Once this hits Hulu in March, there will be some memorable moments with him and a lot of conversation about his character. Another good performance comes from Jojo T. Gibb as the friend trying to piece this mystery together.

There are a couple of characters who make their entrance but feel like they’re useless once they get their time to shine. At the climax, I expected more from them but his jobs are easily resolved. And the movie ends abruptly if you ask me. Altogether, the execution time is close to two hours. He extends his welcome with scenes that go nowhere and some missing pieces that he will never return to. As much as I liked the beginning, I feel like it might have been cut short even though the half hour mark leaves you in a loop. Not everything is completely new and could be better, but the performances and the work of Mimi Cave bring it together. This is sure to gain a cult following in the future and connect with some that way. I can’t say everything worked for me, it’s a bit messy and too long, but it’s still a solid watch.

In first-time director Mimi Cave’s wacky, entertaining satirical horror “Fresh 2022 Movie,” Noa knows all about losers in the bland menu of her endless app scrolls; it is understandable that she has lost her taste for kissing frogs. Still, our modern West Coaster, portrayed charismatically by the fleeting “Normal People” Daisy Edgar-Jones, refuses to give up optimism and bravely puts on a show—damn those idiots who wear scarves! It’s through her sweet hope that she broadcasts countless fake-cool profile photos during one of those mindless browsing nights, and she walks up to someone sporting a cute dog photo as her avatar. But what thanks does she receive for her curiosity? Nothing, just a disgusting dick picture sent in by your average creeper.

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