First Love 2022

First Love 2022 Movie Review Trailer Online

Director: A.J. Edwards
Writer: A.J. Edwards
Stars: Diane Kruger, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Jeffrey Donovan

On June 17, filmmaker A.J. Edwards is premiering his third feature film, a drama titled First Love starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Sydney Park, Diane Kruger and Jeffrey Donovan. But Edwards, who also wrote the screenplay about a young man’s journey to adulthood, has trouble fully committing to the celebration because, while audiences will see the true vision of him on the big screen, he won’t hear it.

After submitting a cut of the film in December, he was informed that the score, made by Richard Reed Parry, a member of the Grammy Award-winning band Arcade Fire, would have to be replaced. “My hope is not to air out the clothes and point fingers because nothing can be done now,” Edwards tells THR of the move, a decision made by the film’s partners, Voltage Pictures, to bring in composer George Kallis. , who previously worked on two films in the company’s After franchise, starring Fiennes Tiffin as a way to somehow reflect the appeal of that franchise.

“My hope is just that the true form of this film, the one in Richy’s score, has a future and an audience and, at the very least, I want people to know about it,” he said of Parry’s work. calling him a “generous, thoughtful and emotionally intelligent partner” on the project. “He did a beautiful job and blends the performances and the heart of the film in the way it was intended.”

A distribution source attributed the change to “an internal decision” and noted that everyone in the division is “happy with how the film turned out”. AJ shot a great movie, George did a great job on the score, and all the actors gave incredibly strong performances.”

Edwards says the same about the film’s talent. “Despite what happened, I’m proud of the movie and feel like it could be the strongest one yet because of what the cast brought to the table,” says the author who previously directed Age Out, starring Tye Sheridan and Imogen Poots and The Better Angels, starring Kruger. Jason Clarke, Brit Marling and Wes Bentley. “And how they really absorbed the script. They all did a really moving and thoughtful job. Everything up to this last point in post-production was very rewarding and I was excited about what was being created and finished. That’s what makes the grim ending so disappointing.”

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