First Kill 2022 Tv Show Review Trailer Online

Stars: Jonas Dylan Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sarah Catherine Hook

Netflix is ​​giving a first taste of its upcoming vampire lesbian love story “First Kill.” The streamer released a trailer for the new young adult series, which will premiere on June 10.

Based on a short story by horror writer V. E. Schwab, which was originally published in the 2020 anthology “Vampires Never Get Old: Tales With Fresh Bite,” the series stars Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook as Calliope and Juliette, two teenagers who have a cute encounter at their high school and fall head over heels in love. But their relationship quickly becomes complicated when their hidden identities are discovered: Calliope is the daughter of a long family line of vampire hunters, while Juliette is a “legacy,” a girl born into a family of vampires. To make matters worse, their families are preparing them for their “first kills,” an important rite of passage for vampires and hunters.



As Calliope says in the trailer, she’s “from a thousand-year lineage of the greatest monster hunters to ever walk the earth.” But when she meets Juliette, she tells her, “You’re nothing like the monsters I grew up hating.”

As the two young women prepare for their (very different) first kills, their love will be put to the test. With fate working against them, and even her parents forbidding them to be together, Juliette and Calliope will have to decide what kind of life they want.

The trailer shows the two meeting and developing a relationship, to the harsh disapproval of their parents. As the two grow closer, the war between their two factions escalates, and the trailer shows off the action between the two groups, as well as the inclusion of other horror monsters like werewolves and demons.

“We faced everyone, monsters and humans, who tried to come between us,” Lewis narrates in the trailer.

In addition to Lewis and Hook, “First Kill” also stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Aubion Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny, Dylan McNamara, Dominic Goodman, Phillip Mullings Jr., MK xyz, Jonas Dylan Allen and Roberto Méndez. . Felicia D. Henderson leads the writing team, which also includes Schwab. Both are executive producers, along with Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss for Belletrist Productions.

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