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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 2022 Movie Review Trailer

Directors: John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Writers: Michael Gilio, John Francis Daley, Chris McKay
Stars: Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page

The recent trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves comes across as a dream come true for many fans of the popular tabletop RPG. With many of the franchise’s signature monsters and spells made live-action for the first time, action sequences that once existed primarily in the imaginations of game players now deliver a visual smorgasbord of cinematic magic. However, some details caught the attention of veteran players as being inaccurate in the game mechanics, resulting in a fascinating online debate for veteran players and new viewers alike.

The main betrayal of the game mechanics is the transformation of the film’s druid into an owlbear. While it’s perhaps the coolest action pacing in the trailer, the annoying details of exactly how that sequence would play out in a Dungeons & Dragons game provides the springboard for a whole debate about the impossibility of such a transformation. Even a world of magic and fantasy has rules, and when a major Hollywood production breaks those rules, fans are given the opportunity to respond with their own time-honored incantation: “Um, actually…”

The recently released trailer for the film contains a lot for fans to get excited about. Signature monsters exclusive to Dungeons & Dragons, such as mimics and owlbears, stand out as identifiable parts of the RPG whose inclusion promises exciting fidelity to the source material. Dungeons & Dragons games are, by design, infinitely variable. For that reason, it would be so easy to place the title of the property in any generic fancy script. The integration of game-specific properties in the trailer guarantees that Honor Among Thieves will be more than just another assembly-line fantasy project, but the betrayals of that source material’s world stand out as contradicting such a guarantee.

What stands out as the biggest betrayal of the mechanic is Honor Among Thieves’ transformation of the druid into an owlbear, a feat that shouldn’t be reasonably possible in a game context. The druid in question is Doric, played by actress Sophia Lillis. One of the trailer’s action beats includes Doric transforming from a horse into an owlbear, killing several soldiers, and then transforming back into his tiefling form as he rides a horse. The problem that stands out for many veteran players? Doric shouldn’t reasonably be able to do that.

Druids most commonly transform into animals via their Wild Shape ability, but the ability is limited by the clarification that the druid in question can transform into any “beast” of a certain challenge rating. The problem is that “beast” is a creature classification that doesn’t apply to owlbears, which are considered an “eyesore.” Even a druid from the Circle of the Moon, the subclass that specializes the most in Wild Form, would not be able to transform into an owlbear-like monstrosity at any level.

The common origin cited for owlbears is that the species was first developed by a mad wizard conducting experiments, giving them a magical origin quite different from wolves, tigers, and other animals that are classified as “beasts”. Of course, this isn’t to say that Wild Shape is the only means by which a druid could become an owlbear, but even alternative explanations aren’t particularly reasonable. The Polymorph spell suffers from the same limitation of only being able to transform targets into beasts, and True Polymorph, which could perform the feat, is not an offered spell on the druid’s spell list.

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