Cold Case 2022

Cold Case 2022 Tv Series Review Trailer Online

Creator: Meredith Stiehm
Stars: Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn

Cold Case has an innovative story track, with the investigative thriller taking place in two very different propositions, but in a parallel narrative. ACP Sathyajith, played by Prithviraj, faces a crime that is almost literally faceless. When a skull is found in a discarded package, the police must start from the identification of the victim, to find out the motive and the culprit. It’s an interesting and unique premise.

On the other hand, Aditi Balan, who plays Medha, a single mother and journalist specializing in paranormal stories, faces otherworldly disturbances in her own life when she moves to a new home. How does this connect to the case the police are investigating? The audience gets a glimpse of the victim’s lonely life and broken home through the pieces, mostly put together by the police and Medha, who is looking for a solution. Only at the end do the policeman and the journalist meet and discuss the case and share their thoughts about the culprit.

Until then, the mood is quite tense, thanks not only to the red herrings that appear with the mention of a new character by any of the protagonists, but also to the gripping and rather terrifying horror sequences in the early parts. of the movie. .

Thrillers – and paranormals – seem to be the genre of choice for Malayalam filmmakers at the moment, and as cinematographer-turned-director Tanu Balak moves the story along at a steady pace and you’re curious to see what happens next, the two The narratives in this story, written by Sreenath V Nath, don’t really add up. To paraphrase what Sathyajith says at the end, you lean towards logic or a belief in an external power, and it’s hard to mix the two, at least in this case. And there is a hint of a sequence.

Prithviraj plays the role of him with his usual pitch-perfect style, and it would almost seem out of place not to mention his figure, almost too slim by Malayali standards, but his graceful physique. Aditi Balan plays her role well. With two top-notch cinematographers, Gireesh Gangadharan and Jomon T John, the scenes are framed with class, and even the creepy moments are “tasteful” and not over the top. Prakash Alex’s music also feels good.

While Cold Case was intended as a theatrical release for maximum impact, it manages to convey the effect it intended as a streaming content. If you’re in the mood for some investigative and horror thrills, this will be a good movie to snuggle up with someone to watch and guess what happens next, but it doesn’t offer the satisfaction of a witty whodunit.

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