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Director: Ben Parker
Writer: Ben Parker
Stars: Tom Felton, Harriet Walter, Charlotte Vega

IFC Films’ genre arm IFC Midnight has announced the official trailer and release date for its World War II thriller Burial. Starring Charlotte Vega and Tom Felton, the fictional wartime piece takes place near the end of the war, when a group of soldiers must risk everything to prevent the truth from ending up in the hands of German “Werewolf” partisans.

In the trailer, I task a small group of Russian soldiers returning the remains of Adolf Hitler to Stalin in Russia. Forgoing the speed and comfort of a plane, intelligence officer Brana Vasilyeva (Vega) is told that accomplishing this feat as quietly as possible is of the utmost importance, lest the truth of what transpired be buried forever.  The journey from Berlin to Russia proves perilous as soldiers trudge through mud and thick woods, burying Hitler’s remains each night in case his troops are attacked and killed during the night. The mission to deliver the body takes precedence over their own lives as they begin to be picked off one at a time in a series of German resistance “Werewolf” attacks. The ticking of the clock in the background of the trailer builds the tension as the soldiers begin to question their sanity, paranoia setting in as they are constantly stalked and chased.

The idea for Burial was born out of British writer-director Ben Parker’s fascination with what he called the controversial story behind Stalin’s call for secrecy. After the Red Army’s discovery of Hitler’s burned remains, the dictator ordered the information to be kept confidential, fearful that if this came to light, the Allies would rescind their support. Parker then discovered the propaganda of German werewolves, guerrilla groups steeped in Germanic lore to strike terror into their opposition. Thus, Burial’s fictional plot was born from the pages of history, blurring the lines between historical thriller and horror.

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