All Hail 2022 Tv Show Review Trailer Online

Director: Marcos Carnevale
Writers: Fernando Balmayor, Nicolás Giacobone
Stars: Guillermo Francella, Peto Menahem, Romina Fernandes

In the Argentine comedy-drama All Hail 2022, Miguel Flores is a popular television weatherman, adored by millions of viewers across the country, and particularly loved in his hometown of Buenos Aires. His ability to accurately predict the weather has earned him the name “The Infallible”, and this in turn has helped him achieve his own television show: the dazzling and high-profile show, The Great Weather Show.

On the opening night of his new show, Miguel has the perfect evening. Millions tune in to watch his broadcast, where he predicts a night of good weather, and the series is off to a fantastic start.

However, during the middle of the night, a huge storm hits the city, leaving a trail of devastation. High winds and hail create chaos, with buildings, cars, trees and even a dog taking the brunt of the situation.

When Miguel wakes up the next morning, he is horrified to see what has happened. He also quickly becomes the object of many people’s frustration, as this ever-reliable meteorologist, who is never wrong in his predictions, led everyone to believe that they would have a pleasant night.

As a result of the incident, Miguel becomes a laughingstock on social networks, his apartment is surrounded by protesters carrying banners and he is eliminated from his television program. His boss also encourages him to take a vacation, which he agrees to do, after it becomes clear that his career has taken a severe hit.

Moving into his daughter’s house in Córdoba, Miguel initially sees his vacation as a short getaway, so he can spend some quiet time until the madness calms down. But before long, Miguel finds himself on a journey of self-discovery that could change his outlook on life.

Directed by Marcos Carnevale, All Hail stars Guillermo Francella, Romina Fernandes and Peto Menahem. The film is available to stream on Netflix, and it’s a pretty nice picture, highlighting cancel culture, personal responsibility, and the fickle nature of show business.

Billing itself as a quirky and offbeat little comedy, All Hail tells a small-scale story that is largely a character-driven piece. With the exception of one little show, which takes place towards the end of the movie, this is a movie that focuses its story on the rise and fall of one man, and how his life changes due to one mistake. .

It paints a picture of what can happen when high-profile figures go wrong and how fandoms can turn on their former heroes in an instant. It also explores how words and phrases can become powerful tools, with both positive and negative results, depending on which way the wind is blowing at any given moment.

While none of the discussions raised in All Hail are earth-shattering things, and it is highly doubtful that audiences will learn anything new about the world from watching this film, the film does act as a reminder of the times we currently live in. All Hail reflects the way careers can be broken overnight, and how people can fall from grace just as quickly.

Is there a sharper and more daring way to tell this story? Certainly, and I hope some audiences find it too simplistic for their tastes. But the way I see it, this movie isn’t trying to be edgy, it’s just trying to tell a straightforward story, one that the general public can relate to, having seen so many celebrities come and go over the years.

Driving the story forward is Guillermo Francella, who is a likeable lead as Miguel. Francella is someone who seems to fit the role of “popular weatherman” quite well, and is fun to watch on screen.

While the story looks at how he falls from grace and paints him as someone who is initially very successful, the movie never positions him as an asshole or a person who is difficult to relate to. As such, when things go wrong, you can’t help but feel sorry for him and hope he changes things at the end of the picture.

The rest of the cast is fine in their respective roles, but only Francella has something important to do. So this is very much the kind of movie where you either join his story or you don’t.

And if you don’t, then this movie is not for you. I think it’s fair to say that you’ll either get involved early based on your interest in Miguel, or you won’t at all.

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